Posted by: iqbibal | December 31, 2009

Islamic University of Riau

Scholar Dormentory or Rusunawa (

After the end of the struggle to seize and defend the independence, the founder of the Foundation pour thoughts and energies to the independence. Based on internal growth and development of community Pekanbaru state, then the independence struggle increasingly to the fore. Arose the idea to establish schools and institutions of Islamic education.
Year 1951 established the Islamic Junior Secondary School (SMPI) and the School of Islamic Peoples (SRI), a few years later expanded arable areas of work, and the Legal Foundation was established on March 30, 1957 with the establishment of a Legal Entity of Islamic Education Institute (LPI) with the Deed No. 10 1957. In the same year formed School of Islamic Higher Education Preparation, unfortunately only went one year.
Recognizing the challenges to be faced by a region especially associated with the need for power – which experts have the education, then after the establishment of Riau Province, then some promoters / community leaders of Dt. Wan Abdurrahman, Soeman Hasibuan, H. Zaini Kunin, HA Malik, H. Bakri Sulaiman, A. Kadir Abbas, SH, and H.A. Hamid Sulaiman founded the Islamic University of Riau (UIR) precisely on September 4, 1962, the first class filled by A. Abbas Kadir, SH.
At the beginning of the establishment of the Islamic University of Riau only one faculty only, namely the religious faculty with two departments namely the Department of Justice and Department Tarbiyah, with the Dean of the First A. Abbas Kadir, SH.



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