Posted by: iqbibal | December 17, 2009

Super Puma NAS-332 Helicopter

State own aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia will soon complete productions of three Super Puma helicopters ordered by the Air Force.

PT DI had previously finished the production of seven out of the 16 Super Puma helicopters ordered by the Air Force.

“Of the remaining nine units, three units are in the process of completion, one is 90 percent completed and is expected to fly in the next two months, and two units are 60-70 percent completed,” President Director of PT DI Budi Santoso told ANTARA here on Monday.

The orders of the 16 Super Puma NAS 332 helicopters and their spare parts from PT DI is based on a purchase contract no. 1010 in 1998.

The completed seven helicopters had been delivered to the Air Force, and the production works of the remaining nine units had been hampered by a lack of funds.

With the planned completion of three Super Puma NAS 332 helicopters, the Indonesian Air Force would get 10 units of its 16 orders.

“The remaining (6 helicopters), will be modified into Super Puma II or Cougar which have newer technologies,” PT DI chief said.

The modification, which is acquired from the cooperation between PT DI and Eurocopter of France, is meant to dominate the market of helicopters special for the Air Force in the Asian region.



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