Posted by: iqbibal | November 9, 2009

Jakarta Tower (Under Construction)

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The Jakarta Tower (Menara Jakarta) is a partly built tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. If completed, it will stand up 558 m (1,831 ft.) tall up to the antenna and would be the tallest freestanding tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, work was initially started in 1997, but was halted by the Asian economic crisis. As of 2008, construction has yet to continue.

The Jakarta Tower will be built in an area measuring 306,810 square meters. The building itself would measure 40,550 square meters and 558 meter high, surpassing Q1 (344m) in Australia to become the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. The Jakarta tower will be taller than any currently completed free-standing structure and more than four times taller than the Monas (Jakarta National Monument, 137m).

Like the initial 1997 design, the new development calls for the tower to have three cylindrical legs, 13.2m in diameter, that will rise up 500m. Two of the legs will have three elevators each, travelling 7m per second. The third leg will contain eight elevators, dedicated for visitors. The tower will include a 40m diameter, 15m high concrete ring, and will be embedded with an 80m diameter foundation driven to 58m into the ground.

According to the developer, the Jakarta Tower will use more than 20,000 workers for the development and more than 40,000 manpower after the building is in fully-operation.

The Jakarta Tower plans to supply these facilities:

• 144,000 square meter parking lot • 17-floor high podium building • elevator can reach to the tower top • rotating restaurant • mega mall • café • amusement park • Indonesian historical museum • hotel • multipurpose/conference room that could accommodate 10,000 visitors • 8,000 square meter office space • exhibition center • education and training center • center of multimedia that accompanied the transmitter television and the radio broadcast • business trading center • sport center

A total of 4-6 million estimated visitors each year will come to the Jakarta Tower.




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