Posted by: iqbibal | November 3, 2009



Rencong Canggei

A rencong (Acehnese: reuncong) is a traditional weapon from Aceh, Indonesia. It is slightly similar in appearance to a kris. As with krisses, people attribute mystical powers to rencongs. The rencong is still worn during traditional ceremonies.

A rencong’s blade can vary in length from 10 to 50 cm. The blade can be cranked like a kris but sometimes it is straight. It is put in a scabbard that is made of wood, ivory, horn, or sometimes even silver or gold. The rencong is worn in one’s belt on the stomach.

Acehnese believe the form of the rencong to represent the Basmala.

Aceh is also known as “The Land of Rencong” (Tanah Rencong).



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