Posted by: iqbibal | November 2, 2009

Giant Bow Air Defence System

Battery Command Vehicle

Battery Command Vechile

Over the past few years Indonesia has broadened its horizons in the search for effective defence equipment for theTNI. One of the reasons behind this was a search for affordable solutions, there was also the legacy of the various supply embargos that had been imposed on Indonesia – supplier diversity was a very important consideration. On top of this the political situation had changed both in Indonesia and abroad, opening up a host of new possibilities. For many years Indonesia had very negative relations with China,for a variety of different reasons.Yet China was another one of those countries that had supplied Indone-sia in the Sukarno era. The Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) has also acquired Chinese equipment in terms of 18 Giant Bow twin 23 mm air defence gun systems. Since then there have been talks on the acquisition of further Chinese air defence systems. China has become an important defence supplier for Indonesia.

Anti Aircraft Artillery

Anti-aircraft Artillery

Simulator System



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