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Taking Off

Taking Off

For $ 60 million seven KT-1B Wong Bee aircraft were purchased from South Korea, and
delivered between May and November 2003. It was reported that in May 2005 five additional
were ordered with an option for another eight. The KT-1B Wong Bee was reported to replace
partly the AS-202 and T-34C partly and as much as twenty should be necessary. This was
actually not the case. When the KT-1B was introduced in the Indonesian Air Force the T-34C
and bravo had another 3000 hr of life-endurance to go which is estimated some 20 years.
The choice of the KT-1B seems to be remarkable, but it must be considered that South
Korea ordered 10 CN-235 transports from Indonesian Aerospace in a counter trade and the
South Korean trainer was just filling the Indonesian gap. The trainer looks very much like the
Pilatus PC-9 with the same engine, a powerful 708 KW (950 shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada
PT6A-62 turboprop. This enables the KT-1B to perform impressive. A Charley has a
maximum speed of 346 km/h but a KT-1B almost doubles it to 649 km/u. This implicates that
the KT-1B is made for a different segment, and that is exactly were it serves in the TNI-AU or
Indonesian Air Force. Only the flying instructors from T-34C-1 are allowed to fly on the KT-1B
and there is a special instructor course for captain pilots, the Sekolah Instruktur Penerbang
(SIP) This course will establish a new flying instructor group. Those activities are separate
from the task to train new pilots on the T-34C which continue simultaneously.





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