Posted by: iqbibal | October 18, 2009

Floating Market

Floating Market

Floating Market

Muara Kuin on the Barito River, Banjarmasin is one of two floating markets in this planet. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by “klotok“ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips. At this market we can buy many variuos fruits and vegetable. One of the fabulous character of this river tourism market is “jukung” or “klotok”. Jukung is the name of tradisional boat in Banjarmasin.

During five hundred years, the Kuin floating market being the favorite place in Banjarmasin. In 1526, Sultan Suryansah build the capital city of his kingdom at the side of the river. It was an old Kuin. However, Kuin have a strong historical relationship to the birth of Banjarmasin city. At this place, the live of Banjarmasin trading began.

T o have any exotic floating market experiences, we can also sail the river into Lok Bintan, another floating market in South Kalimantan. The market float at the Martapura River, Kabupeten Banjar. But, the Kuin market is most famous than Lok Bintan because of it more far location from Banjarmasin.



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