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Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol otherwise known as Ancol Dreamland is an integral part of Ancol Bay City, a resort destination located along Jakarta‘s waterfront, Indonesia.

It is owned by PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk. (They manage the resort and develop housing estates along Jakarta Bay). Ancol Dreamland opened in 1966 and it is currently the largest integrated tourism area in South East Asia. Boasting an international championship golf course, a theme park, hotels and other recreational facilities.

Tornado Ride

Tornado Ride

Dunia Fantasi is Jakarta’s own theme park complete with over forty rides and attractions. The theme park is divided into eight regions, which are Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Eropa (Europe), Amerika (America), Yunani (Greece), Hikayat (Fantasy) and Balada Kera (Monkey Parody). The theme park complies with international standards through ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Among its most famed attraction is the Halilintar twisted roller coaster ride, Niagara flume ride, Istana Boneka (a local version of Disney’s It’s a Small World) and Balada Kera (Monkey Parody – animatronics show) Theater show. Other attractions include Bianglala (ferris wheel), Kora-Kora (swinging ship) and Poci-Poci (spinning cups ride).

Several of the latest and newest rides are Kicir-Kicir (Power Surge) (2004), Perang Bintang (Star Wars) (2005) – an interactive dark ride, Meteor Attack (2006) and Tornado (Windshear by Zamperla) (2007). Some seasonal attractions include Le Belles cabaret show, Russian Circus and Euro Kids Circus. Major renovation have been completed on the main entrance facade and ticket booths.

One of the most famous attraction is named Rama Sinta. It is a dark ride that retells the famous Indonesian folktale of the same name with advanced technology. However, this ride has been closed due to fire that broke out early in the morning. The theater that used to house the ride has been emptied and converted into a large indoor exhibition hall, occasionally hosting special shows. As of now, there are no publicly announced plans to use the space for future rides.

Ancol Dreamland has several water parks dedicated for both animals and entertainment. These parks include Atlantis Water Adventure (Water park), Gelanggang Samudra (Animals), SeaWorld (Aquarium), and 2 Beaches.

Atlantis Water Adventure is built on the former site of Gelanggang Renang (Swimming Courtyard). Occupying over five hectares of land, this water park is themed on the mythological underwater world of Atlantis. Its facilities include a wave pool, continuous flowing river pool, rainbow ball pool, several slides, and two children’s pool, an onsite foodcourt, volleyball court and event center is also available to accommodate the needs of visitors.

Atlantis Water Adventure

Atlantis Water Adventure

Gelanggang Samudra featured several animal shows, small aquarium, and a 4D theatre. The trained animal shows are dolphin show, sea lion show, and various animal show. The 4D theater shows 3D image cinema with sensations such as cool breeze and water spray.

Owned by Lippo Group SeaWorld is opened in 1996 as the largest ocenarium in South East Asia of the time. Larger than Singapore’s Underwater World, it features the acclaimed antinessa tunnel as well as other pools including the sea friends pool, main pool, alligator pool, and shark pool.

During its first years of operation, SeaWorld’s crews entered the six meter shark pool without any protection to feed the sharks. This shark pool contains three out of the five most fierce shark species in the world. Once, the shark started attacking the feeding crew. Luckily, the feeding crew was able to escape and survive. However due to this incident, feeding crews are required to enter a steel cage before entering the shark pool.

There are two main beaches within the resort, the Carnival and Festival beach.



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